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A Brief On AMC

Asian Management Consulting (AMC)

is an Indonesian based consulting firm that has established a solid track record with international and national enterprises on various development projects and projects with private enterprises in the sectors of environment, energy and climate change, waste and wastewater issues, education, social protection, health, governance, and management. Projects have been conducted in Indonesia, India, and Vietnam.

AMC provides a wide range consultancy, training, study and assessment, and monitoring services to leading consulting companies in Indonesia. AMC is experienced in institutional development and capacity building using a target oriented approach by implementing international best practices tailored to local condition and demand, and under consideration of future orientation and fit to government regulations.

Networking and experience working with various stakeholders is an important aspect of project implementation. AMC works with regulators (macro level), associations (meso/intermediaries level) and consumers/industries (implementation level). The counterparts include Ministries, local government, research centers, laboratories, hospitals, NGOs, education institutions, associations, waste banks, waterworks, wastewater agencies, and various government institutions as well as communities and industries. Our network will ease the project implementation without depending too much on partner liaison facilitation.