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Experienced working with Financial Institutions

AMC has performed many projects in the field of finance and working with financial institutions, banks and non-banks. Some selected projects are:

Transforming Administration, Strengthening Innovation (TRANSFORMASI) I & II; The project shall ensure that a competent apparatus for better quality of public financial management and to enhance the capacity of the public administration. The project has established close networks with the Ministry of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB) and the Directorate General for Fiscal Balance (DJPK) of the Ministry of Finance.

Decentralisation as Contribution to Good Governance – Fiscal Decentralization Component (DeCGG); DeCGG program, has been requested by MoF’s Director for Financing and Local Capacities in the Directorate General of Fiscal Balance (DJPK), to support standardising its training modules for Local Financial Management (LFM). The support measure is intended to assist the MOF’s Directorate’s efforts to advance the system of capacity building for sub-national public financial management, improving its effectiveness and thus contributing to quality in overall service delivery and good local governance.

Social Assistance - Social Protection Programme (SPP) I & II - The Ministry of Social Affairs and BAPPENAS have initiated first promising approaches for an improved harmonization and coordination of social assistance programmes at district level, e.g., the planned pilot of integrated Single Window Services (SWS) for social protection as part of an Integrated Referral and Services System (IRSS). This program cooperates with financial institutions, Banks and non-banks.

Strengthening Social Protection Indonesia – Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) - The main objective for this project is to improve the implementation of the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme PKH in Indonesia under Ministry of Social Affair in cooperayion with the TNP2K, Bappenas, and Bank Indonesia.

Organizational Development of LSP LKM CERTIF (personnel certification body for microfinance) in cooperation with Bank Indonesia - AMC supported CERTIF in developing its strategy, developing monitoring tools, marketing strategy and Quality Management System in accordance with BNSP Guide 201 (ISO 17024) and 202. AMC also supports in development and implementation of Employee Performance Evaluation System and Management Information System including website.

Experienced in Conducting Study, Research, and Large-Scale Survey

AMC has performed various studies and assessment. At the moment, AMC together with TüV has been assigned by UNDP PMR Program to conduct a study on “Green House Gas Calculation in 8 Industry Sectors and Power Sector”. AMC is also performing study on “Employment Projection in Tourism Sector in Lombok” for a German project in cooperation with Bappenas and Ministry of Tourism.

We have performed a “Feasibility Study for KfW on financial instruments for energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction”. For a German Cooperation project, AMC has conducted study on “NAMAs in Pulp and Paper Industry”. Still for German Cooperation projects, AMC has been assigned to conduct study on “Development of a concept for Voluntary agreements between GOI and industry to reduce GHG emissions”.

Under the EU-Sustainable Consumption and Production Policy Support- project, AMC has successfully performed study on the “Incentives and Policy Instruments for Promotion of Sustailable Production” and “Mapping the State of SCP Policies and Tools in Indonesia”. AMC contributed also to a study on quality infrastructure in Indonesia related to export to the EU (Study on Indonesia Trade Access to the EU: Opportunities and Challenges). Another feasibility study has been performed for the up-gradation of the manufacturing process for electroplating industries in Madurai, India. Still in India, we conduct an Environmental assessment of four clusters and Study and training for Electroplating companies in regard to process optimization, environmental impact, cost implications and cost savings.

Many researches have been also finalized by AMC in the field of education, such as “Link and Match: How Can Vocational Schools Better Deliver TVET Programmes Relevant to the Labor Market”, and Study on „Effective Cooperation Between TVET Institutions and Industry“.

In cooperation with CREM BV Netherland, AMC conducted a study named “Sustainable Food Consumption in Indonesia“ and together with HIVOS, AMC submitted study on “Deepening Lobby and Advocacy program Sustainable Diets For All in Indonesia “. Assigned by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affair, AMC has finalized study on “CSR Country Scan Indonesia”.

For IOM AMC has performed a Final Impact Evaluation of a project in Central Java on improvement of livelihood. A comprehensive qualitative study has been performed on “Link and Match on Vocational Education” as well as study on IGI/TVET Best Practices.

Experienced in Engaging Multi-Stakeholder

AMC is familiar in projects with the Indonesian government, international donors, and NGOs. Our network has been established along our experience implementing projects in Indonesia since 2002. AMC works with regulators (macro level), associations (messo/intermediaries level), industries and communities (implementation level). Along our experiences, we have served and work together with Ministries (MEMR, MoEF, MoI, MoTr, MoF, MoSA, MoEC, KemPAN, MoF, MoMT, MoMF, MoA), Agencies and Authorization Body/Organization (Bappenas, BSN, BPS, KAN, TNP2K, Central Bank, BNSP, BSNP, BPPOM, BPPPT), research centers and laboratories (research centers under MoI, private laboratories, lab under MoMF and MoA).

Our network will ease the data collection process without depending too much on partner liaison facilitation. Our database will also be provided for this project.

Experienced in Managing Development Cooperation Projects (Project Management)

Since its establishment in 2002 AMC has been working for various development projects financed by UN Agencies including UNDP, German Cooperation, EU, USAID, World Bank, ADB, AUSAID, and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Many projects have been performed in the energy sector.

Currently AMC is implementing German Cooperation projects, UN projects, ADB project, Swiss program, and implementing a sustainable food program, “New Generation of Indonesian Cooking (NGIC)” financed by multi donor.

The advantage of AMC lies in providing an ideal combination of human resources with a broad range of expertise. AMC‟s consultants both international and national experts have worked for energy-related projects in both private sector and development cooperation projects.